The Winners
El Clásico VIP Experience, March 2022

Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona

A competition to make Madridista dreams come true

Participants in this premium competition had the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to El Clásico. The 1st prize VIP package consisted of a pair of exclusive VIP tickets, a pair of signed Real Madrid jerseys, a round-trip from any European country and an overnight stay in a premium hotel in Madrid.

The 2nd prize had three winners awarded with a pair of regular El Clásico tickets and a pair of iconic Real Madrid jerseys. In addition, 30 x winners of the 3rd prize received a Real Madrid jersey customised with the name and number of their favourite player.

Every Madridista owes it to themselves to attend El Clásico at least once in their lifetime…

Winner of one of the VIP packages

“Despite the bad result, it was an unforgettable night. Thanks to Hankook, I had the opportunity to live a dream and attend El Clásico with my father at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. We are eternally grateful”