The Winners
Local Heroes Challenge 2021/22

Local Heroes Challenge

Supporting local amateur football clubs and creating unforgettable moments in Sevilla

To promote a strong football culture directly at its roots, Hankook and Laufenn launched a new kind of competition focusing on local football clubs all across Europe: On each matchday, participants had the chance to win a full set of premium football kits. Overall, 6 European amateur teams were equipped with premium quality jerseys, shorts and socks in their club colours.

In addition, a grand prize was raffled at the season’s final. All participants had the chance to win a set of 11 tickets to a major UEFA Final (including travel to/from and hotel accommodation). In this case, the winners opted for the UEFA Europa League Final in Sevilla. Representing Hankook Tire Europa, freestyle football ace and master of ceremony Marcel Gurk welcomed the winners to an unforgettable event in a fantastic city.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners!

11 Winners were witnessing Eintracht Frankfurt’s victory in the UEFA Europa League Final 2022 in Sevilla

Winner of the season prize

“We still can’t believe our luck. Being here with our friends while Eintracht is making football history is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Thank you, Hankook, for this opportunity. And thank you, Marcel, for teaching us some fancy new freestyle tricks.”